ARIA Services Cloud Platform

Advanced Regional Integrated Analytics

ARIA is a geographical and analytical suite of solutions that provides leading-edge visual exploration capabilities to analyze and interpret large and complex amounts of data.

ARIA's aim is to offer tools to explore and evaluate social activity behavioral patterns and to allow users to interactively browse through different portions of data.

ARIA is the result of several decades of experience in data analysis and visual exploration, and runs as a U.S. cloud-based service that supports the decision-making process and strategy validation faced by managers on a daily basis.

AIRA not only solves the challenges of integrating multiple data sources, but also tracks residential and community development, sets up what-if scenarios to support assessment of different options to solve a problem, and visualizes spatially aggregated data.

ARIA eliminates tedious and complex school administration tasks and creates agile solutions to respond to manager’s daily challenges. ARIA adds value to the transparency, efficiency and strategic decisions that stakeholders are expecting from school district decision makers”

ARIA Modules
ARIA offers a suite of fully integrated services oriented to provide alternatives for tailored configuration of options for each area at your organization.

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Geographical Web Services

The Geographical Web Services component offers the ability to answer GIS related questions of any member of the organization fast and accurately without getting into the complexity of how to arrive to the solution.

Smart Locator

Smart Locator provides community members such as parents, students, realtors, investors, and the press, and organizations staff with information about community services available or assigned by address.

Student Enrollment Analyzer

For Education K—12, ARIA aligns data sources from multiple stakeholders and provide an easy and effective set of filters to focus on analysis and ad-hoc inquiries.

Residential Development Tracking

ARIA Residential Development Tracking module supports the complete workflow to enter a residential project application including type and number of housing units and parcel IDs, and then calculates the number of student stations needed for planning and concurrency purposes, and the set of assigned schools based on the location of the project.

Scenario Builder

ARIA allows urban planners to assess potential impacted areas at several levels, draw area of analysis on-the-fly with one, two, or more polygons, and generate aggregates by several criteria.

Resource Assignment Analyzer

ARIA offers a geographical approach to the community resource lottery process to promote equality for community resources.

Exceptional Member Analyzer

ARIA helps community leaders to understand the geographic distribution of their Exceptional Member resources and community members to assign them in the most effective way possible and member performance.

Open Bridge ETL

ARIA works as a specialized data translator engine that receives, collects, transforms, and loads data from diverse and multiple sources into the databases.

SABI Reporting

ARIA enables end users to efficiently inquire integrated data in an effective manner to drive proactive decision-making and develop comprehensive action plans.

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