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Altamira Consulting, LLC is an information technology, data research and advisory company incorporated in Tampa, FL, serving the US Southeast since 2016. We are focused on Data Analytics, Software Development, and Cloud Services Management.

We partner with our clients to identify, enrich, analyze, interpret and visualize organizations’ data with the aim to find improvement opportunities for existing and new business and workflow. The main focus of our team of dedicated professionals is to achieve our client's success. Your success is our success, and as you grow, we grow.

Our strong and certified expertise has allowed us to build and develop the multiplatform cloud-based infrastructure needed to keep our solutions affordable and our clients operating efficiently.

Meet Our Leadership Team

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Altamira Consulting leaders are chasing the company's vision with passion, transparency, and courage.

About Altamira's name

A term with high importance

Altamira Consulting's name was inspired by the meaning of the word ALTAMIRA in Spanish.

Altamira means overlooking and comes from two words in that language: « alto » (high) and « mirar » (to look).

Altamira then, is meant to describe places located at highest points that give a scenic view of earth as you look down.

Overlooking allows to see far, and to discover horizons that are invisible from down below.

As such, Altamira Consulting's aim is to enable management, staff, and community members to see the big picture, understand the landscape in its globality, and to locate themselves better in it.

Altamira is also a complex of caves in North Spain containing Paleolithic drawings. They not only contain one of the best preserved prehistoric paintings but also show humanity’s earliest accomplished art.